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A portrait took in the mirror reflection of Jo who is part of ThisAbility project


Meet people from all over the world sharing their stories.

Challenge the way you think about disability.

Learn how to bring awareness.

About ThisAbility

ThisAbility is an advocacy and participatory photography project created to empower and bring together disabled and non-disabled communities from all over the world.


This portrait project works with individuals who identify themselves as people with impairments; sharing their experiences and ideas on how to make our society more inclusive for everybody. 

Kirsten Solveig

“Stories from people who have disabilities - people who have experienced it. This is amazing. We need more of this. Having first hand experiences provides a small window into what it is actually like and in such a raw, real way." 

Nina Naval

"The ThisAbility Project is an incredibly helpful platform to raise awareness for disability and ultimately nurture inclusivity of people with embodied differences."

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