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Message from the Author

ThisAbility started out as my final university project, however I decided to continue it thereafter. It was meant to be a portrait based participatory photography project which enables people with disabilities share their story with the world. However, it became more than that. A community of disabled and non-disabled people with shared vision of equality. Every story of a person is unique in its own way and there is still so many out there awaiting to be brought to light.

What inspired me, was my own experience with severe scoliosis. What helped me the most, especially in my teenage years was reading stories of other people dealing with similar issues. That was truly comforting and I also felt acknowledged and knew more how to deal with what I'm going through. I've also met many amazing people this way. I thought that creating such a community as ThisAbility is will help other people in similar way as well.

 On this website empathy and compassion to one another is the key. Understanding that we might not know what the other person is going through, therefore we shouldn’t make any assumptions. Mutual respect, as simple as that. I’m not perfect either, nobody is. However let's try to one step at the time to learn how make things better. That’s why I’m so grateful for the project that ThisAbility became. I’ve met so many amazing people sharing their stories and advices. They’ve gave me so many important lessons.

I truly hope those stories will be valuable to you as well and that we will do our best to share awareness and make more inclusive world, together.

With love,


ThisAbility is an advocacy project challenging the way you think about disability. It’s meant to create a strong community of disabled and non-disabled people with a shared vision of equality to create more accessible world.

About the Author

I'm a Cardiff, UK based Photojournalist working on diverse projects but mainly focusing on press, editorial and documentary photography. I'm originally from Poland but I would name myself a world citizen. With a thirst for adventure and a creative vision I'm up for many unique projects that can contribute to our society.​​​​​​​ 

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