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Gail Mangubat,

Gail's favourite motto is to never give up what you can clearly see in her actions. She became a Cerebral Palsy advocate, has created a podcast in which she fights ableism, shares disability awareness and her own experience. 

"I got inspired to become a Cerebral Palsy advocate, because of my friend Tylia L. Flores of Stomping on Cerebral Palsy. In 2020 I've decided to become an advocate and start my own podcast"

Gail says that people should focus more on representing people with disabilities in the government to prioritise their needs. She highlights that more inclusion is needed especially in the jobs sector and when it comes to healthcare free medicines for those who couldn’t afford to buy expensive ones.

"Talk to people with disabilities same as you would to any other people and don’t treat us differently because of our disability. Cerebral Palsy is not contagious, It’s just a brain injury that we have to spend for the rest of our lives. And it can never be passed and it's not genetic."

Gail sends a very important message to people that we all should research more about types of disabilities and encourage each other to dream big and that everything is possible for us to achieve. Please see below Gail's podcast "The Wrestling Warrior Angel" to hear more about her story and advocacy work.

In Gail's opinion her home country, Philippines still has a long way to be more inclusive and adapted for people with disabilities. "Everytime I went to public places, people would stare at me telling me “Oh you look pretty but sadly you’re like that”, because I’m sitting in the wheelchair. It can be discouraging sometimes but you know that’s what life is. I don’t let people's words discourage me. 

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